Top 10 surprising running races

Top 10 surprising running races

Sometimes running can become fun, especially when the organizers are creative in offering unusual events. Here, we take a brief look at the most unusual races in the world. 


This is an atypical race to say the least and this one is one of our own.
Starting from Pauillac, a journey between vineyards and castles, punctuated by tasting sessions where participants are invited to taste the great wines of the properties they cross.
Since 1985, the Medoc Marathon has attracted more than 9,000 runners each year to test their running skills and the finesse of their palates. 
Disguise is obviously required during this friendly run.
The medoc marathon can be considered the longest marathon in the world because, it seems, it is the only marathon where you end up running in a zigzag.
No doubt, this is a race that wine lovers will not miss for anything in the world.
Next date: September 12, 2020


Our Finnish friends are not shy! Nor elsewhere, since this 10 km run takes place... Completely naked.
Yes, the Nude Run or Nakukympii in Finnish, is a nudist race where only shoes and headgear are allowed.
Participants enjoy reconnecting with nature and simplicity by walking the forest roads near the municipality of Padasioki.
While some swallow the miles in the simplest device, others wear paintings all over their bodies, representing either the flag of their country or other significant motifs.
It should be noted that in Finland, the relationship to nudity is not the same as in our countries. There, it is common to relax after work, with friends or colleagues, in hot springs or saunas.
Here's an idea for your next afterwork with your boss.


This is a true tradition that has been going on since the 1950s in the restaurant industry.
Organized all over France but also in other countries, the Boys' Coffee Cup brings together more and more participants every year.
Over a distance of about 5 km, the participants set off in uniform, with a tray loaded with glasses or carafes filled with water in their hands. 
The goal is, of course, to arrive with the contents of the tray intact.
For every centilitre lost, candidates will be charged penalties in the final ranking.
The main purpose of the Café Boys' Run is to highlight the profession and merit of the waiters and waitresses in our regions.
Beyond a competition, it is above all a festive event expected each year by the inhabitants of the cities where it is organised.


Return to France, which already has its share of unusual foot races, including the Vertigo, where runners must attack France's tallest building, the First Tower at La Défense.
230 m, 48 floors and 954 steps to climb at a brisk pace, all for the good cause since 100% of the profits are donated to the NGO Pl4y International, which uses sport to promote peace and participate in the development of disadvantaged areas.
This is a good reason to get involved, with as a bonus, a magnificent view on arrival, enough to convince the most undecided.
A vertical race therefore, which can make you dizzy. Watch your step!
Next date: May 12, 2020


In Scotland, beyond the rain, sheep and mountains, there is Edinburgh and its famous half marathon.
Theoretically, the race foresees 22 km and 670 m of altitude difference, but everything will depend on your sense of orientation because the particularity of this race... It is that it is not marked out!
So you can go anywhere you want, as long as you have reached the 7 imposed checkpoints of Edinburgh's seven hills.
An event that therefore requires all the qualities of a runner but also experience in trail and orienteering.
For lovers of Scotland, it is also a good way to discover the city and its surroundings, not to mention the mountain running of the famous Highland games. 
Who has never seen Braveheart and William Wallace running barefoot through the hills in the green grass?


Supported by the Wings for life foundation, this is a run that crosses borders to benefit research on spinal cord injury.
The idea is to run simultaneously all over the world, i. e. each participant across the planet starts at the same time, regardless of location, local time or weather.
The first season, held in 2014 in 34 countries simultaneously, registered 53721 participants.
The other originality, and not the least, lies in the finish line, which has the particularity of being virtual and mobile. 
Indeed, it is materialized by a car, the "Catcher car" which leaves 30 minutes after the start of the race, drives at a speed of 15 km/h and then gradually accelerates. 
When it catches up with you, your own finish line is crossed, you have finished your race.
The event ends when all participants have been caught up, so it can take a very long time for some.
For the anecdote, in 2017 in Dubai, a runner covered more than 92 km before being caught by the Catcher car.
Next date: May 3, 2020


Now, to Thailand and the famous bride and groom run.
In recent years in Bangkok, a 3 km run, at the very least atypical, has been organised in the streets of the Siamese capital.
The concept is to run in ceremonial dress to be offered your wedding, honeymoon or other prestigious gifts.
With an average temperature of 37°C and permanent humidity, there is no doubt that this race is a real challenge to be met. 
In addition to running, there is a general culture test for women and a bouquet throwing test for men.
The rules are very strict on the dress of the participants; veil required but no short dress for women, suit pants mandatory for men. Only sneakers are accepted instead of dress shoes.
If men can be inconvenienced in their three-piece suits, let alone women who, under normal circumstances, already have difficulty moving around and going to the little corner in their meringue dresses.
Next date: November 24, 2019


Launched in 2004 in North Carolina, the Krispy Kreme challenge was originally a challenge between about ten students. 
Today, ranked on the list of "things to do before graduation" by young Americans, the event brings together more than 5516 participants.
The Krispy Kreme Challenge mantra: 2400 calories, 12 doughnuts, 10 km and 1 hour.
The idea is therefore simple, run for 5 km to reach a Krispy Kreme store, eat a dozen doughnuts and return to the starting line, all in about 1 hour.
The interest in risking indigestion and nausea is the cause behind the event. The profits from the race are donated to children's hospitals, some of which specialize in the treatment of pediatric cancers.
Next date: January 02, 2020


As its name suggests, it is about challenging the horse to race.
Born in 1980 in Wales, what was originally a simple counter discussion has become a real challenge for more than 500 runners every year.
Over a distance of about 35 km, the participants come to confront the 50 horses present, led by riders.
The terrain of the Llanwrtyd Wells region, which is very uneven, does not facilitate the event and the capricious weather adds to the difficulties.
The horses were launched 15 minutes after the runners' departure and the witnesses to the scene described the arrival of a real thunderous noise caused by the impact of the hooves on the ground.
In almost 40 years, the man has only beaten the horse twice and it took 25 years for this first feat to be achieved by How Lobb in 2h05. Three years later, Florian Holzinger renews the performance, it will be the latest.
Every year, as long as the horse is not beaten, the payout increases by £500. A jackpot that has something to motivate more than one.
Next date: June 13, 2020


Survival races have become more and more popular in recent years, especially with the appearance of series of this kind, and are attracting more and more people.
In the USA, the Run For Your Lives is an obstacle course where zombies have invited themselves to the party.
Here, the goal is therefore simple, to flee for your lives and avoid the hordes of hungry zombies who are only after your brain.
A real commando race, the success of this very festive event is due to the reality of the acting of the zombie extras and their make-up.
In response to the popularity of the Run For Your lives, many similar races have been organized around the world.
In France, the Zombie-Run, organised in Paris or Lyon, offers to escape the undead on an 8 km course, punctuated by all kinds of obstacles.
Your life, materialized by two strips attached to your outfit, will have to be defended dearly against the hordes that will try to tear them off.
For the more adventurous, a night course is also organized.
For the Run For Your Lives
Next date: not communicated 
For the Zombie-Run 
Next dates: Paris 10 October 2019 / Lyon 9 November 2019

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