Top 10 of the toughest races on the planet, welcome to a world of sick people

Top 10 of the toughest races on the planet, welcome to a world of sick people

Top 10 of the toughest races on the planet, welcome to a world of sick people
In life, there are Sunday joggers, and the others, and in these others, we have the so-called classic marathon runners and the others, and in these others... Well, we could continue for hours like that, but we all have a job, so let's get to the point. Today we are going to talk about the deglingos, the sick eggs, for whom suffering is a game and tears an excellent drink. If you feel proud after your 23-minute monthly joggings, you will certainly be disappointed.

1 - Norseman

The Ironman of the Vikings: 3.8 km of swimming in water at 12°, 180 km of cycling at a temperature of 6° with big passes and finally 42.175 km of running to avoid getting cold. But be careful, out of the 250 participants, only the first 160 will be allowed to get the winners' black T-shirt. The others, the "little ones" will only have a white T-shirt and a different course for the last 5 km of running. Already making a T-shirt win is hot, but making it a special wimpy special is very cruel.

2 - Marathon des Sables

A race of more than 240 km over 6 days in autonomy and under 40° in the Moroccan desert. Scorpions and other bugs are there to keep your motivation intact. After five days alone, you may even end up being friends with them and talking to them. Yes, the sun and fatigue will make you completely crazy.

3 - China Wall Marathon

A marathon on the Chinese wall. Running on the rock built a while ago on the most hilly corners of eastern Beijing is a joy. Less pollution than in the capital, but 5164 stone steps to cut your calves. Who said that the Socialist Republic of China was not a welcoming regime.

4 - Diagonal of the madmen

The race on Reunion Island, which is about 160 kilometres long and has a difference in altitude of almost 10,000 metres, all of course, without assistance (L'enfer, ça s'apprécie mieux seul). The drop-out rate is 30%. The total absence of testimony from these 30% suggests that they are still there to feed the local wildlife.

5 - Ultra trail du Mont-Blanc

Because you can also have very tough races in Europe. It is certainly the only race that crosses 3 countries: France, Switzerland and Italy. 170km with a positive altitude difference of 10km.
You can get more Informations here.

6 - North Pole or Antarctic Marathon

Highly recommended for those who have just finished the marathon of the sands. You can run it normally, or with snowshoes, depending. Completing it will take you twice as long as a classic marathon. On the other hand, death will happen more quickly.

7 - Badwater Ultramarathon

Considered by its organizers as "the toughest race in the world", it is scary. It is 217km that awaits you with a start at 85m below sea level to finish at 2500m on Mount Whitney. Besides the distance, it is above all the conditions that are frightening. In the middle of July, in the valley of death, the ground temperature is around 70°C.

8 - Ironman Hawaii

The first Ironman is the most mythical. Created by a community of DMs who no longer knew what to invent to hurt themselves. As a reminder, the Ironman is not a jog on the beach with Robert Downey Jr., no, it's this barbarity that consists in linking 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling and then a marathon (42.195 km) in running, just that...You can get more informations here.

9 - The 555+

Why 555+? Simply because there are more than 555 km to go. Launched by a Frenchman, this race has its place in this ranking. I quote its founder: "Do you compare it to the Marathon des Sables? A thousand guys are getting to the end of this thing. In my country, there are no more than 30 of them. It is well understood that the marathon des sables is an event for beginners. A little memo for the future: never tell a race organizer that his marathon is easier than another. These guys don't look comfortable.

10 - The Barkley

Finally a US race, in Tennessee with 160 km and a nice difference in altitude of 18km in a steep forest. As it's probably not hard enough for you, you have to finish it in 60 hours maximum. Of the 35 annual participants, only two or three finish the event. Don't take the excuse out of the money, the race costs 1.6 dollars.

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