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Anchor Down Ultra 2020

Anchor Down Ultra takes place the 14 August 2020 in Bristol, RI - Trail Find here all the information you need to prepare and participate in this event.

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Date14 August 2020 (Ajouter à GoogleCal)
LocationBristol, RI
Details24 Hours,12 Hours,6 Hours,100 Miles

Held on one of the hottest days of summer here in New England, this 2.45 mile loop course will challenge you to run as many complete loops as possible in the allotted time in the race of your choosing. You’ll have access to aid every 1.25 miles, with full access to your gear and/or tent every 2.45 miles at the exchange point. The course is mostly flat with a few rolling hills. Technically speaking, the course starts at sea level and the highest point on the course is roughly 26 feet above sea level, with just about 56 feet of gain on every loop. Although the course is considered very ’run-able’ by most runners, it can pose a challenge to someone with limited trail experience. It is highly recommended that athletes taking on ADU for the first time spend a good amount of time getting used to time on their feet on rooty terrain that we are so accustomed to here in Southern New England. With some basic trail experience and marathon experience, this is a great first time ultra for someone willing to take on the challenge. However, the ’grinding’ course proves punishing enough even for the most accomplished endurance athletes.   The terrain breakdown of the 2.45 mile loop is comprised of:     1.5 miles of payment    .90 miles of trail    .05 miles of grass.  The course is run entirely through Colt State Park in Bristol, RI. About 70% of the course sits right on the waterfront (Narragansett Bay to the West and Mill Gut to the East). It is absolutely beautiful this time of year. You will have lots and lots of time out there to enjoy it. 

Anchor Down Ultra

  • Départ le 14/08/2020
  • Bristol, RI

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