Races Calendar Marathon 2020

04/04/2020Endurancelife Coastal Trail Series - Exmoor MarathonExmoor (United Kingdom)
05/04/2020Paris MarathonParis (75)
05/04/2020New Run, Hill to HarbourNewcastle (United Kingdom)
05/04/2020CSOB Bratislava MarathonBratislava (Slovakia)
05/04/2020Canberra MarathonCanberra (Australia)
05/04/2020Daegu International MarathonDaegu (Republic of Korea)
05/04/2020Oberbank Linz Danube MarathonLinz (Austria)
05/04/2020Asics Greater Manchester MarathonManchester (United Kingdom)
05/04/2020Marathon Deutsch WeinstrasseBockenheim (Germany)
05/04/2020Marathon de ChevernyCheverny (41)
05/04/2020Marathon des SablesOuarazazate (Morocco)
05/04/2020Maratona del LamoneRussi (Italy)
05/04/2020United Airlines New Guam MarathonTumon Bay (Guam)
05/04/2020NN Rotterdam MarathonRotterdam (The Netherlands)
05/04/2020Sao Paulo International MarathonSão Paulo (Brazil)
07/04/2020North Pole MarathonNorth Pole (Norway)
10/04/2020Aalborg Brutal MarathonAalborg (Denmark)
11/04/2020Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon (56km)Cape Town (South Africa)
12/04/2020Alexander The Great MarathonThessaloniki (Greece)
12/04/2020Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon (Pyongyang Marathon)Pyongyang (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)
13/04/2020FWD Insurance North Pole MarathonNorth Pole Camp (Russian)
19/04/2020Gdansk MarathonGdansk (Poland)
19/04/2020Marathon du Lac D'AnnecyAnnecy (74)
19/04/2020Nagano Olympic Commemorative MarathonNagano City (Japan)
19/04/2020Newport Wales MarathonNewport, Wales (United Kingdom)
19/04/2020Padova MarathonPadova (Italy)
19/04/2020Saint Anthony MarathonPadua (Italy)
19/04/2020Nike Santiago de Chile International MarathonSantiago (Chile)
19/04/2020The Longhorn MarathonNottingham (United Kingdom)
19/04/2020Werdauer Wald MarathonWerdau (Germany)
19/04/2020Vienna City MarathonVienna (Austria)
19/04/2020Bungay Black Dog MarathonBungay (United Kingdom)
19/04/2020Connemara International MarathonConnemara (Ireland)
19/04/2020Enschede MarathonEnschede (The Netherlands)
25/04/2020Bath Beat MarathonBath (United Kingdom)
25/04/2020Dreiburgenland MarathonThurmansbang (Germany)
25/04/2020Endurancelife Coastal Trail Series - Pembrokeshire MarathonPembrokeshire (United Kingdom)
26/04/2020Belgrade MarathonBelgrade (Serbia)
26/04/2020Blackpool MarathonBlackpool (United Kingdom)
26/04/2020Cracovia MarathonKrakow (Poland)

The Marathon
The marathon is an individual running event that is generally held on the road over a distance of 42.195 kilometres.
The marathon was created for the 1896 Athens Olympic Games, based on an idea by French linguist Michel Bréal, to commemorate the legend of the Greek messenger Philippides, who would have covered the distance from Marathon to Athens to announce the victory against the Persians in 490 BC. The event ran until 1921 over an unspecified distance of about 40 km before the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) set the distance.
The marathon is an event that, over the years, has become more and more popular with amateur runners.

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