Races Calendar trail 2020

05/09/2020 Tantalus Triple Trek Oahu, HI (United States)
05/09/2020 Iron Mountain Damascus, VA (United States)
05/09/2020 The Ring Massanutten Mountains, VA (United States)
05/09/2020 Jay Peak Running Festival Jay Peak, VT (United States)
05/09/2020 Run the Rut Big Sky, MT (United States)
05/09/2020 The North Face Grand Traverse Mountain Run Crested Butte, CO (United States)
05/09/2020 Ultra Santa Fe Santa Fe, NM (United States)
05/09/2020 Last Man Standing Ultra Marathon New Gloucester, ME (United States)
05/09/2020 Temptation 200 Ultras Forest City, IL (United States)
06/09/2020 Walk in the Park Kamloops, BC CAN (Liberia)
11/09/2020 Tahoe 200 Endurance Run Homewood, CA (United States)
12/09/2020 McKenzie River Trail Run Blue River, OR (United States)
12/09/2020 Odyssey Trail Rampage Millboro, VA (United States)
12/09/2020 Weymouth Woods 50K Southern Pines, NC (United States)
12/09/2020 Shawangunk Ridge Trail (SRT) Run Rosendale, NY (United States)
12/09/2020 Breaks Ultra Breaks, VA (United States)
12/09/2020 Limestone Rocks! Kankakee, IL (United States)
12/09/2020 Sole Survivor Richland, WA (United States)
12/09/2020 Olympic Mountains 50K Quilcene, WA (United States)
12/09/2020 Lost Soul Ultra Lethbridge, AB CAN (Liberia)
12/09/2020 TNF Ultra-Trail Harricana of Canada (UTHC) La Malbaie, QC CAN (Liberia)
12/09/2020 Finlayson Arm Victoria, BC CAN (Liberia)
13/09/2020 The Yeti Snakebite 50/50 Lithia Springs, GA (United States)
17/09/2020 Crazy Owl Endurance Races DuPont, WA (United States)
18/09/2020 The Golden Ultra Golden, BC (United States)
19/09/2020 Noble Canyon Pine Valley, CA (United States)
19/09/2020 Overlook Endurance Runs Foresthill, CA (United States)
19/09/2020 The Barkley Fall Classic Wartburg, TN (United States)
19/09/2020 Fortitude Trail Race (Stanky Creek) Bartlett, TN (United States)
19/09/2020 Forgotten Forest Ultra Run Stratford, CT (United States)
19/09/2020 Kilkenny Ridge Race Stark, NH (United States)
19/09/2020 Ride To Walk Endurance Race Lincoln, CA (United States)
19/09/2020 Firebird Trail Races Windham, ME (United States)
19/09/2020 Beaver Flat 50 Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park, SK CAN (Liberia)
20/09/2020 Grand to Grand Kanab, UT (United States)
20/09/2020 Oak Openings Stampede Whitehouse, OH (United States)
26/09/2020 Hinson Lake 24 Hour Ultra Classic Rockingham, NC (United States)
26/09/2020 Mt. Taylor 50k Grants, NM (United States)
26/09/2020 Headwaters Trail Runs Mount Shasta, CA (United States)
26/09/2020 The Hungerford Trail Races Big Rapids, MI (United States)

Popular Races

29/09/2019 BMW Berlin Marathon Berlin (Germany)
03/11/2019 TCS New York City Marathon New York (United States)
29/03/2020 Rome Marathon Roma (Italy)
05/04/2020 Paris Marathon Paris (France)
19/04/2020 Vienna City Marathon Vienna (Austria)
26/04/2020 Virgin Money London Marathon London (United Kingdom)
06/07/2020 Badwater Death Valley, CA (United States)
17/07/2020 Hardrock 100 Endurance Run Silverton, CO (United States)

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We only talk about him, the famous trail that offers unequalled sensations... communion with nature, surpassing oneself, a less traumatic race, a fantastic community. So we too want to rub it up against it!
There is now an official definition created by the International Trail Running Association (Itra) that has become the reference for organizers around the world. The trail is a walking competition open to all, in a natural environment (mountain, desert, plain...) with the minimum possible number of cemented or paved roads (no more than 20% of the total distance). The terrain can vary (dirt road, forest road, monotrace trail...), and the route must be properly marked. The race is, ideally but not necessarily, semi-sufficient or self-sufficient (each with its own supply). Trails are classified from less than 42 km to XL which are more than 100 km.

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