Lose weight to run faster?

Lose weight to run faster?

Today we're talking about diet... or not! But we're still talking about losing weight to run faster! In fact, it's a spontaneous article due to my recent investment in a scale... The last time I weighed myself before leaving for Quebec last October and I was around 67.5kg... So I made big eyes when the scale displayed... 62.5kg. Yes it is therefore 5kg lost since I live in Quebec... No special diet, just a totally different way of eating, much healthier... So I make the link between losing weight, running faster and my progress in 2015... And I explain to you what seems to have worked for me! As usual, if I can help or comfort some people in what they are doing... It is always a pleasure! ????

Losing weight to run faster: The theory!

Losing weight makes you run faster, that's clear, there's no need to go in four directions. Still, you have to have weight to lose and do it the right way. A quick calculation makes it possible, without going into detail, to know if losing weight is dangerous or not. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated using the Weight / Height Squared formula. Below 18.5, the weight loss is considered too high and therefore potentially dangerous.
Losing this weight through one of these many diets (which I call stupid but it's only my opinion you won't mind me!) and which makes you regain it quickly enough behind is useless. I even find it sometimes dangerous related to intensive sports practice if you put your body lacking some of the essential elements of this sport... In short, lose weight to run faster why not, but in a thoughtful way please!

How much is gained by losing weight?

You can find everything on the Internet (as often) but I decided to show you the figures from the American magazine Runner's World which tend to prove that to weigh even one or two kilos can have a big impact on the final result!

2 lbs 12.4 secs 25 secs 52 secs 1:45
5 lbs 31 secs 1:02 2:11 4:22
10 lbs 1:02 2:04 4:22 8:44
20 lbs 2:04 4:08 8:44 17:28

Impressive! Like what, fighting in training to win 1′ on your race is good, but sometimes it takes only a little something, one or two pounds less to achieve the same result without any effort! ????

Losing weight to run faster: Practice!

So I lost 5kg in 9 months or 7% of my initial weight. I have a BMI of 19.4, so I am confident that there is no danger. Moreover, I think that the best way to recognize a bad weight loss is still the sensations! I don't remember having had a period of excessive fatigue this year. On the contrary, I feel much more fit, running like I've never run before! The performances speak for themselves, 2015 saw me break my 10km and half marathon records and succeed most of my other races!
As for nutrition, yes, I eat better, nothing more. Coupled with sport, it's already a lot. Many more vegetables than before, many more homemade dishes with selected ingredients, smaller portions at main meals but many snacks (I eat at least 5 times a day!)... I am always hungry, and I never deprive myself of eating when my stomach craves! I eat better but I don't set any limits for myself! Beer, Restaurant, pizza, outings... It's not every day, but when the opportunity comes along, I don't refuse myself anything under the pretext that I have to eat perfectly to run faster... Life is made to be lived, right?
So I am convinced that losing weight to run faster really works! I would advise, however, not to focus too much on that. Simply to focus on eating better every day, without forgetting the pleasure, and in the long term with a Running Addict training it should be done on its own! ????
And for a little more information on how to lose weight through running, it's this way! 

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