All you need to Know about Running equipment

All you need to Know about Running equipment

All experienced trailers validate it: it is necessary to be cautious in your approach to running in nature and not to dare to take too technical routes from the outset. It is also necessary and perhaps especially necessary’s’s’ to equip according to the effort’s (or even the simple walk) to come.


- The grip: you want to have a sole under your feet that adheres evenly and especially to wet soils.

- Protection: important to protect yourself from stones or roots thanks to a real trail shoe.

- Size: It is generally accepted to choose a size larger than the road model to negotiate painless descents at the toes.

- Elegance: it is less important than on the road. Trust a shoe that offers total stability.


Indispensable :

- A technical T-shirt and fleece. Training and trail competitions generally require outings of several hours. You must be comfortable in hot weather but also in case of cold weather.

- A windbreaker. Always keep in mind that weather conditions can change quickly (especially if you fly in the mountains). Wrapped very finely around the waist or folded into the backpack, the windbreaker is a guarantee against inclement weather. It can also be particularly useful in the event of an accident of the sprain type that requires waiting for help.

- A shorts or tights (depending on the season). Avoid short, ventilated running shorts – usually worn by marathon runners – that do not protect against possible contact with brambles.

To be considered

- Wearing a hat and gloves is recommended in cold weather. Choose a cap when the sun is shining generously.

- The compression sleeves. They can protect against scratches and other pitting at the same time. They can also play a role in preventing cramps.

- The back bag. Essential ! It must be able to accommodate two cans but also to accommodate energy bars or solid supplies as well as wind breaks.

- A mobile phone. To warn relatives or possible emergency services in the event of a fire (check before the training exit that the telephone battery is properly charged).

- A headlamp. Obviously essential when the training takes place (in whole or in part) under random light.

- A chronometer or a GPS watch. Important to properly appreciate the effort time. Be careful, the notion of progress is at least as important in trail as on road.

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