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Thunder Dragon Marathon 2020

Thunder Dragon Marathon takes place the 24 May 2020 in Paro - Running Find here all the information you need to prepare and participate in this event.

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Bhutan, the land of the Thunder Dragon, is mystical, enchanting and like nowhere you have ever been. Voted one of the world's top travel destinations, Bhutan remains accessible to the privileged few. The Thunder Dragon Marathon will simply be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. Nestling between Tibet and India it is a country of raw natural beauty; from stunning mountain scenery to tropical plains. This pristine scenery is home to exotic wildlife and is one of the last refuges of species like the Black-Necked Crane, the Golden Langur and even the Royal Bengal tiger. The Bhutanese people with their Buddhist beliefs have a strong sense of identity and of the interdependence between man and nature. This is expressed in the national policy of Gross National Happiness and concern for the environment. The Thunder Dragon Marathon highlights all of the aspects of Bhutan that make it so special. Running through the beautiful Paro Valley the route takes in fantastic scenery and passes many iconic landmark like the Tiger's Nest, Monastery, Paro Dzong and many religious Chorten. A true mountain and cultural experience. The Thunder Dragon Marathon is run half and half on trails/mountain paths and the road. The route has a number of climbs but with an altitude variation that stays between 2,200m and 2,560m there are no tremendously difficult sections although it remains a suitable challenge. The Thunder Dragon Marathon is a fully hosted tour. DISTANCES Marathon Half Marathon THE COURSE The race starts at Udumwara, underneath the cliff that the Tiger's Nest is built on. The route is approximately half road surface and half farm trails; on the marathon course there is a 4km section of single track.  The first 8km is on the road and slightly downhill, alongside the Paro Chu (river). At 8km the half marathon splits off to the right and makes its way up and behind Paro Dzong (fort). The marathon continues straight on with a long and gradual climb alongside the Wang Chu, on farm tracks above rice fields. At 18km the marathon crossed the river and returns towards Paro on the other side with a gentle downhill gradient to 25km. Here the route has the toughest climb, about 4km on the road, rising above the Paro Museum then on a single track for 1km to the highest point of the race (2,560m).  Dropping back down to the Paro Chu, the marathon and half marathon re-join beneath Paro Dzong to cross the famous wooden bridge. The last 10km for both distances is on a gradual but long uphill climb on a mix of road and wide farm track, rising above Paro Chu, with views of the river and rice fields, before dropping into the finish at Udumwara.  The total height gain on the marathon is 995m and 450m for the half marathon. The altitude at the start is 2,400m and the lowest point, in Paro, is 2,200.  TERRAIN The route is a mixture of gravel road, farm fields and mountain tracks with a few sections of tarmac road through Paro town. Trail running shoes are recommended. AID STATIONS Drink stations will have bottled mineral water, bananas and rice every 5km. If you require gels or electrolytes we recommend you take them with you. MEDICAL The event will be fully supported by local guides and horses, water stations plus medical back up from doctors and local first aiders (there is a modern hospital 500m from the start/finish line in case of emergency). There are evacuation points on the mountain in case of emergency accessed by 4-wheel drive to nearby roads and mobile phones have connectivity on the full route making communication easy. WEATHER CONDITIONS May is the end of the festival season and marks the change from Spring to Summer. There are two main seasons for visiting Bhutan.  The first is in the Spring (March to May). This is the season for wonderful flowers and birds, the days are warm and the mountain peaks are still visible for much of the time.  Daytime temperatures in the main centres you are likely to be visiting are around 17 to 22 degrees Celsius, increasing through the season and by May evening temperatures are very pleasantly warm as well. VISAS Visas are issued by the incoming tour company in Bhutan and we will take care of this process for you. The cost of your visa is included in the package. Visas are issued 2-3 weeks before travel. Visas are issued as a group and all runners arriving on the same date will be listed on the visa sent to each traveller.  BHUTAN GENERAL INFORMATION  The mystical Kingdom of Bhutan is located in the eastern Himalayas bordering India and Tibet. The local name of Druk Yul means ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’, which, perhaps, frames the way we think of this magical Buddhist country. The size of Switzerland but with a population of only 700,000 living in mostly rural communities farming rice on the lower levels and herding yak as the altitude climbs, Bhutan remains a Kingdom steeped in history, mysticism and tradition. The comparison with Switzerland is not just in size. Unlike many Himalayan areas the Kingdom has protected the mountains from deforestation and tourist exploitation leaving the countryside pristine. Tourism is controlled and you must be on an organised itinerary booked with a local travel agent to get permission to enter Bhutan – you cannot enter and wander around unguided or back pack through the country.  

Thunder Dragon Marathon

  • Départ le 24/05/2020
  • Paro

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