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Trail Rail Run 2020

Trail Rail Run takes place the 06 June 2020 in St. Regis, MT - Trail Find here all the information you need to prepare and participate in this event.

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Date06 June 2020 (Ajouter à GoogleCal)
LocationSt. Regis, MT
Details50 Miles,50 KM

Run the old Milwaukee and Northern Pacific Railroad grades from Mullan, Idaho to St. Regis, Montana near the summer solstice. Gentle grades, beautiful scenery and moderate temperatures combine for an ultra great experience while crossing the Rocky Mountains. In keeping with our western Montana heritage, the Trail Rail Run utilizes old railroad grades from both the Northern Pacific Railroad and the Milwaukee Railroad. These wide railroad beds are dirt and gravel, and are never more than a 2% grade, making the Trail Rail Run a great alternative to road running. The running surface is forgiving, and the course won’t require the intensity of training that single track or steep and difficult inclines can demand.

Trail Rail Run

  • Départ le 06/06/2020
  • St. Regis, MT

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